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Why Windows is Bad


When general purpose personal computers became popular with both businesses and home users in the 1990’s – customers had a choice of what they could run.  It was an OPEN platform which offered choice (which is why the PC became popular). Some examples:

  • Operating System: – such as Microsoft Windows, IBM OS/2, GEM and DR-DOS, SCO Unix, (early) Linux, Desqview
  • Office Software: – Microsoft Office, Borland Office, Coral/Wordperfect Office, WordStar
  • Database Software: – Microsoft Access, Paradox, DBase, FoxPro, Oracle, Sybase
  • Development Software: – Microsoft Visual Studio, Borland Studio, Symantec Cafe, TopSpeed

When you bought the PC it was ‘bare’ (i.e. had no software loaded onto it) and you installed whatever system you wanted onto it. Due to people pirating Microsoft’s expensive software – the company convinced governments and manufacturers to PRE-LOAD Windows (and other Microsoft Software) onto what (up to then) had been general purpose personal computers – i.e. to enforce a MONOPOLY in favour of Microsoft.

Now (in general) if you buy a ‘general purpose’ PC (which is touted by Microsoft as a ‘Windows’ PC) you have a choice of:

  • Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows – expensive and with no other choices – a MONOPOLY
  • Office Software:Microsoft Office – expensive and with no other choices – a MONOPOLY
  • Database Software:Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server – VERY expensive and with no other choices – a MONOPOLY
  • Development Software:Microsoft Visual Studio – VERY expensive and with very limited other choices – a MONOPOLY

If you want to install a copy of another operating system (such as Linux) then (in general) you still have to:

  1. BUY a copy of Windows – which you are FORCED to buy whether or not you want it
  2. Remove Windows YOURSELF – and install the new operating system YOURSELF.
  3. Install software YOURSELF – which is harder then just buying a PC preloaded with Microsoft software

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